Little Learners

Preschool Group Program


Learning within a group allows children to develop three main life skills: working and learning in a group environment, regulating themselves within a social environment, and developing relationships with peers.

Little Learners teaches preschool-aged children skills for school readiness. These include:

  • Social Skills (turn taking, sharing, eye gaze, joint attention, etc.)
  • Play Skills (parallel play, imaginative play, etc.)
  • School Routines (lining up, bathroom, snack, etc.)
  • Academic Skills (colours, shapes, letters, numbers, etc.)
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills (cutting, crafts, outdoor play, etc.)

Little Learners is a great addition to individual intervention sessions. Little Learners exposes children to a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary program. All groups receive supervision from Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioural Consultants and/ or Social Thinking® Educators to create group- and child-specific goals. Children have the opportunity to generalize their skills while also developing relationships within their peer group.

Who: Preschool-aged children
Mondays–Fridays, 9-1130am
2986 Dysart Rd

For more information or to register for a group, please contact our office at 250-386-1171 or